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Our primary objective is to restore function to patients afflicted with the entire spectrum of musculoskeletal and neurologic disorders. Physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) specialists (also referred to as “physiatrists”) often diagnose and evaluate patients with back or joint pain, sports injuries, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and amputations. The primary goal is to maximize function — often through focused physical therapy, medication and non-operative interventions.
With board-certified doctors in PM&R and fellowship-trained spine/sports specialists, we provide a comprehensive approach that includes:

We are an essential part of the multidisciplinary Stanford Spine and Sports Center, where the integration of non-surgical and surgical specialists ensures that all patients receive a comprehensive and efficient evaluation and have access to the most-effective treatments. Our leadership in the research and development of innovative rehabilitation technologies and treatments allows us to bring the most-modern and effective approaches to our patients.

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