Lab Tour

The Lab is ideally situated in the lower level of the Arrillaga Sports and Recreation Center within the Stanford Sports Medicine Clinic. Our location allows for close collaboration with Stanford Athletics, the Sports Medicine Clinic, Athletic Training, and the Rehabilitation Clinic.

The Human Performance Lab at Stanford University houses the latest in sports science testing technology, including:

  • 17-camera Motion Analysis motion capture system
  • Alter-G treadmill for low impact walking and running
  • Three in ground Bertec force plates to measure ground reaction forces
  • 16-channel Delsys electromyography system to measure muscle activity
  • 18-MTw Awinda XSENS wireless human motion trackers
  • COSMED Quark CPET (Cardio Pulmonary Exercise Test) - Metabolic cart to assess the physiological response to exercise using breath-by-breath analysis of pulmonary gas exchange and K5 Wearable Metabolic System
  • Humac Norm Isokinetic Dynamometer
  • High-speed Woodway treadmill
  • Bertec Split belt force instrumented treadmill
  • Pedar Novel insoles to measure plantar pressure distribution during walking and running
  • Portable ultrasound for obtaining echocardiograms and musculoskeletal assessment
  • iDXA scanner for body composition and bone mineral density measures
  • High-speed video camera, capable of capturing video at 600 frames/sec