Stanford Orthopedic Surgery Shines at the 2022 Orthopedic Research Society Annual Meeting

February 15, 2022

Stanford Orthopedics presented 20 abstracts at the 2022 Orthopedic Research Society Annual Meeting held in Tampa Florida February 4-8, 2022.  Presentations were presented at the podium by Pranay Arawal, PhD from the Bhutani Lab; Trey Crisco, PhD collaborating with the Ladd Lab; Xueping Li, PhD, and Ning Zhang, PhD, from the Goodman Lab; Xinming Tong, PhD from the F. Yang Lab; and Ashley Williams, MS from the Chu Lab.

Constance R. Chu, MD was also featured in, and won, the 2022 Great Debate “Can OrthoBiologics Delay Joint Replacement”  

The Orthopedic Research Society Great Debate has been described as the ‘clash of titans’ where two luminaries in the field are selected to debate a controversial topic of high interest. The 2022 Great Debate was moderated by Brian Feeley from UC San Francisco. Dr. Constance Chu from Stanford presented evidence in support of the motion that “OrthoBiologics Can Delay Joint Replacement” and Dr. Scott Rodeo of Hospital for Special Surgery debated against the motion. Attendee Ashley Williams said, “Dr. Chu presented a cogent argument bringing in relevant literature and drawing on her own clinical experiences and original research to win this debate.”

The Department’s ORS 2022 abstracts below highlights the breadth and innovation of the research as well as the fruitful collaborations between department faculty (bold).

ORS 2022 Podium Presentations

Pranay Agarwal; Nidhi Bhutani; Ovijit Chaudhuri; Hongpyo Lee; Dhiraj Indana. Transcriptome Analyses Of Normal And OA Chondrocytes Cultured In 3d Viscoelastic Alginate Hydrogels. Session #18, Talk #92.

Xinming Tong; Manish Ayushman; Fan Yang.  Sliding Hydrogels With Tunable Mobility Enhance Stem Cell-based Cartilage Regeneration Via Modulating Cytoskeletal Organization. Session 18, Talk #97.

Xueping Li; Ning Zhang; Thomas Ambrosi; Elijah Ejun Huang; Huaishuang Shen; Ni Su; Hirohito Hirata; Qi Gao; Masanori Tsubosaka; Junichi Kushioka; Zhenyu Yao; Fan Yang; Charles Chan; Stuart Goodman. Single Cell RNA Sequencing Reveals Immune Cell Heterogeneity Early In The Healing Of An Established Critical-size Bone Defect In Mice.  Session #33, Talk #172.

Ning Zhang; Masaya Ueno; Danial Barati; Huaishuang Shen; Elijah Ejun Huang; Hirohito Hirata; Qi Gao; Cueing Li; Masanori Tsubosaka; Junichi Kushioka; Zhenyu Yao; Fan Yang; Stuart B. Goodman.  Delayed Treatment Of Il-4 Overexpressing MSCs During The Chronic Inflammatory Phase enhances Bone Healing In Long Bone Critical-size Defects. Session #46, Talk #244.

Ashley A. Williams; Gordhan B. Mahtani; Sachi Bansal; Constance R. Chu. Greater Loading Of ACLR Limbs Relative To The Contralateral Limb Are Associated With Interlimb MRI T2 Differences 2 Years Following ACL Reconstruction. Session 55, Talk #287.

Trey Crisco; Amy Morton; Douglas Moore; Arnold-Peter Weiss; Amy Ladd. Decreased CMC Arthrokinematics And Articular Surface Overlap With Thumb Osteoarthritis Progression. Session #59, Talk #309.

ORS 2022 Poster Presentations

Jade He; Gordhan B. Mahtani; Constance R. Chu. Eight Weeks Of Active Feedback Gait Retraining 2-years Post Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. Session LB170, Poster #221.

Hirohito Hirata; NING ZHANG; Masaya Ueno; Elijah Ejun Huang; Danial Barati; Junichi Kushioka; Masanori Tsubosaka; Huaishuang Shen; Qi Gao; Xueping Li; Zhenyu Yao; Fan Yang; Stuart Goodman. IL-4 Overexpressing Mesenchymal Stem Cells Enhance Bone Healing In A Femoral Critical-sized Bone Defect Model In Aged Mice. Session PS1-008, Poster #477.

Elijah Ejun Huang; NING ZHANG; Edward A. Ganio; Huaishuang Shen; Xueping Li; Masaya Ueno; Takeshi Utsunomiya; Masahiro Maruyama; Qi Gao; Ni Su; Zhenyu Yao; Fan Yang; Brice Gaudillière; Stuart Goodman. Analysis Of Bone Graft Transplantation Versus Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy For Treatment Of Bone Defects Using Mass Cytometry. Session PS1-008, Poster #493.

Xinming Tong; Masahiro Maruyama; Danial Barati; Constance R. Chu; Stuart Goodman; Fan Yang. Macroporous Microribbon Hydrogels Enhance Biocompatibility And Support Endogenous Cartilage Regeneration In Rat Osteochondral Defect Model. Session PS1-014, Poster #594.

Amy M. Morton; Janine D. Molino; Douglas C. Moore; Arnold-Peter C. Weiss; Amy L. Ladd; Joseph J. Crisco. First Metacarpal Dorsal Position During Flexion And Loaded Pinch Predict Progressive Thumb CMC Osteoarthritis. Session PS1-034, Poster #767.

Carolina Breuning; Jens Goronzy; Klaus-Peter Günther; Alexander C. Disch; Franziska Beyer; Kirkham B. Wood; Ning Liu; Paul F. Lachiewicz; Stuart Goodman; Stefan Zwingenberger. What Would You Do First? A Survey Of Treatment Priorities For Patients With Concomitant Spinal Diseases And Hip Arthritis Among Spine And Hip Surgeons. Session PS1-041, Poster #806.

Masanori Tsubosaka; Masahiro Maruyama; Elijah Ejun Huang; Ning Zhang; Qi Gao; Huaishuang Shen; Xueping Li; Junichi Kushioka; Hirohito Hirata; Zhen Yao; Yunzhi Yang; Stuart Goodman. The Effect On Osteogenic Differentiation Of Genetically Modified IL4 Or PDGF-BB Overexpressing And IL4-PDGF-BB Co-overexpression Bone Marrow-derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cells In Vitro. Session PS1-041, Poster #807.

Huaishuang Shen; Junichi Kushioka; Ning Zhang; Takeshi Utsunomiya; Elijah Ejun Huang; Hirohito Hirata; Xueping Li; Masanori Tsubosaka; Masahiro Maruyama; Qi Gao; Zhenyu Yao; Stuart Goodman. Gender Differences In The Therapeutic Effect Of MSCs And NF-κB Sensing IL-4 Overexpressing MSCs In A Murine Model Of Chronic Inflammation Due To Contaminated Polyethylene. Session PS1-043, Poster #836.

Qi Gao; Zhong (Alan) Li; Claire Rhee; Masahiro Maruyama; Elijah Huang; Ning Zhang; Huaishuang Shen; Zhenyu Yao; Bruce Bunnell; Hang Lin; Michael Gold; Stuart Goodman. Macrophages Modulate The Function Of iPSC-derived Fibroblasts In The Presence Of Polyethylene Particles. Session PS1-044, Poster #861.

Laurel Wong; Qi Gao; Madison Quig; Zhong Li; Xueping Li; Masanori Tsubosaka; Junichi Kushioka; Hirohito Hirata; Zhenyu Yao; Bruce Bunnell; Hang Lin; Stuart B. Goodman. An In Vitro Synovium Model For Studying The Effects Of Contaminated Particles On Angiogenesis. Session PS1-044, Poster #862.

Madison Quig; Qi Gao; Laurel Wong; Zhenyu Yao; Bruce Brunnell; Hang Lin; Michael Gold; Stuart Goodman. Functional Comparison Of Human-induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-derived Cells With Cell Lines. Session PS2-095, Poster #1314.

Akshay Pandey; Mamta Singla; Hunter Storaci; Nidhi Bhutani. Late-stage Inhibition Of Tet1 Protects Cartilage In A Post Traumatic Model Of Osteoarthritis (PTOA) In Mice. Session PS2-106, Poster #1507.

Thea M. Walsh; Marc J. Fischer; Maya P. Shetty; Bruce L. Daniel; Marc R. Safran; Brian A. Hargreaves; Marianne S. Black. Accuracy Of An Augmented Reality System For Live-resection Tracking. Session PS2-125, Poster #1669.