Orthopaedic Biostatistics

Why Consult with a Biostatistician?

Meeting during the design phase of your project is strongly recommended to:
• Refine research question(s)
• Optimize the study design and outcomes for the question(s) being asked
• Identify validated outcome instruments, or plan instrument development and validation
• Ensure the planned data collection is amenable to analysis
• Identify the number of patients/samples needed

In addition to performing statistical analyses, the biostatistician will aid in:
• Interpretation
• Tabular and visual presentation of results for abstracts/manuscripts/presentations
• Drafting statistical methods sections and power/sample size statements
• Refining results sections to ensure proper formatting of descriptive statistics, p-values, etc.

Funding agencies and peer reviewers are increasingly scrutinizing statistical methods, and many now require or strongly prefer to see a statistician collaborator or co-investigator included on submissions.


To Initiate a New Project with Biostatistics

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Jayme Koltsov, PhD

Biostatistician 3

Nicole Segovia

Biostatistician 1

Andrea Finlay, PhD

Consulting Biostatistician