Non-Operative Sports Medicine
Fellowship Program

Michael Fredericson, MD

Professor and Fellowship Director, Non-Operative Sports Medicine

Stanford University offers a multi-disciplinary fellowship that provides the opportunity for physicians trained in a variety of primary specialties to obtain sub-specialty training in sports medicine. The goal of the fellowship is to teach the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for effective clinical practice in sports medicine. This fellowship provides physicians with hands-on clinical training, teaching experience, and instruction in research methodology, with the goal of preparing them to become skilled clinicians and leaders in academic sports medicine. The fellowship currently accommodates three fellowship positions: two for PM&R physicians and one for Emergency, Family or a Pediatric trained candidate. All positions are ACGME accredited and filled through the National Residency Match Program (NRMP).



For further questions, please contact:

Elizabeth Medina
Fellowship Coordinator
Office: (650) 721-1446

Orthopaedic Surgery
430 Broadway Street, MC: 6342
Redwood City, CA 94063-6342

2020 Tokyo Olympics

2018 Sun Bowl

(from L-R): ortho fellow Timi Wusu, football team physicians Calvin Hwang and Gerry Keane, sports medicine fellow Lauren Cooper, and football team physician Jason Dragoo

Vaden Health Center

Human Performance Lab

Stanford Medicine Outpatient Center, Redwood City